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Heart and Soul Essence

Welcome to  Heart and Soul Essence,

Jamee is founder of Heart and Soul Essence L.C.  She taught children that were gifted and others with special challenges for years.  She received a Masters of Science in Education of the Gifted. Later she  trained in various healing modalities, and then taught with Alberto Villoldo in the Four Winds Society for 9 Years.  She trained in Peru with various elders and shamans.


She frequently was inviting many Qero elders to share their despachos and karpay initiations on the tours.  She is in contact with over a dozen Qero elders who are some of the most precious humans sharing their laughter, their joy, and their energy.



Qero Elder

 I am Qero Sebastian and I share Despachos and Karpays in ceremonies with our groups.   I also offer various ceremonies in the sites.   I look forward to meeting you on our journeys.  I am originally from Hatun Qeros.  There are several books out about my trainings with Santiago.  The Andean Codex is the first one in a series.  I especially focus on working with the Apus.

Qero Elder

Welcome to the high Andes.  I am Qero Elder Francisco Chura Flores, and have been able to share many of our ceremonies on many continents.  We share a ceremony called a despacho of flowers, leaves, grains, and candies and create a beautiful medicine bundle. We also share various initiations called Karpays such as the Pampamesayok.  This rite reminds you how you are a Caretaker of the Earth, the Pachamama.  

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