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Lake Titicaca and Colca Canyon



Day 1

     Fly to Juliaca or travel by bus to Puno. The bus trip includes stops to visit the sites at Racqchi, Sicuani Buffet, La Raya, and the Pucara Museum. Be sure to bring your camera.


Day 2

    Take an early boat ride to Uros and Amantani, guided by local peruvian experts.  Sometimes our tour goes straight to Taquile depending on the group plan.   Watch demonstrations on building reed islands, embroidering textiles, and living on handmade islands in Lake Titicaca. You will be touched by the simplicity of life here. Continue to explore the islands of Amantani and end the day with a sunset ceremony at the top of Pachatata Temple led by Jamee. The ceremony will include despacho blessings and an Initiation Karpay. Finally, sleep with a local host family and share their traditional ways. They will offer delicious vegetarian meals and possibly fresh-caught trout.


Day 3

     Travel to the island of Taquile to hike the plaza and witness the beautiful weavings and textiles that are filled with ancient symolism and artistry. Jamee and your Peruvian guide will share secrets of the island. You will be able to shop the textitles and will return near Puno for dinner and evening ceremony.


Day 4

  Visit the Aramu Muru Portal for ceremony and easy hikes. The ceremonies will work with the sacred rays, and will allow connection with the Serpent Rock, the Jaguar Paws, and the Place of Calling. We will activate Solar Disks internally and externally in this ancient place. Relax near the hotel by visiting the hot tub, walking the labyrinth, or visiting the Templo de Fertilidad. At the Templo we can balance the masculine and feminine energies with our mesas and perform destiny retrievals.  Winding down with an evening Labyrinth Walk and Fire Ceremony. 



Day 5 

Enjoy a relaxing morning and begin the journey home. You will be transported to Juliaca for a flight to Cusco where you can begin additional your next adventure. 

Travel back to Lima from JULIACA on the mid day non stop flight.  Latam 2096 Leaves at 1:14 PM


Cost is $1650.  Non Refundable Deposit is $750.




     Enjoy a private tour and perform ceremony at the Amaru Muru Portal. Draw upon the ancient energy of this sacred site and rejuvenate your well being. 

Traveler's Feedback:  

Puno was exceptional.  The guide was an exceptional wealth of information and clear.    It was a very powerful experience at the Aramu Muru portal. I later meditated  in the labyrinth all afternoon, and then walked up to the temple of fertility.  On the boat tour which was a special experience there was a large group from many countries all over the world.   I want to go back to Amantani and learn to cook the way Mama Fredela cooks. The dance was very fun, especially because it was a group oriented experience. It was so beautiful at Taypikala Lago I would love to go back.   Munay,          Ellen from Colorado



  • Day 6 ( or Day 1)  Travel to Arequipa by airplane or tour bus and check into your hotel near the Plaza de Armas.  Tour of Arequipa, which includes one of the Iglesias, and a tour of the Monastery Santa Catalina.  Late afternoon with relaxing and shopping in the many alpaca stores, and other great gifts.  Enjoy wandering the area and choose a restaurant nearby for an excellent dinner.


  • Day 7 ( or Day 2)  Early breakfast, and leave with a wonderful guide from Arequipa, for Chivay and Colca Canyon.  This is a 4 to 5 hour bus ride, where you visit the vicuna preserves, to enjoy seeing them in the wild.  There are many birds and a high mountain pass.  Then you will descend into the Chivay community for a delicious buffet lunch, and check into your hotel.  Option for soaking in the hot springs today or tomorrow!





  • Day 8 (or Day 3 ) Early breakfast and continue by bus through the Colca Canyon with tour to the Cruz del Condor area.  Walk along the canyon train for about 40 minutes, and hopefully you will see many condors flying for several hours here.  Bring your best camera and extra batteries.  Then you will return back the canyon to your hotel, and visit the Banos Termales of Chivay for a wonderful soaking in hot water to relax all your muscles.  Evening dinner in the hotel again.

  • Day 9 ( or Day 4)  Option for 4th day which includes a gentle hike in the local area near Yanque, and a mini lesson on Healing Rites and the Chakana.   Second afternoon for soaking in the hot springs or perhaps a massage at your hotel.  Evening dinner in your hotel.

  • Day 10 ( or Day 5)  Return by bus to either Arequipa or Cusco, depending on the next part of your adventure.

  • Cost is $1750  Deposit is $750

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 Lake Titicaca







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