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Energy Mesa Trainings

We offer a 4 Direction Energy Training starting in the direction of the South ( Qollasuyu ).

      Energy Mesa South focuses on understanding your Luminous Energy Field, your chakras, and how to find a theme, and which major chakra is related to that theme,  and how to clear it on an energetic level.  We teach you 4 levels of the body,  the literal, ( physical ),  the symbolic ( emotional ),  the mythic ( soul ) and the spirit level ( pure energetic ).  You receive 4 Initiations in this first training,  The Hampeq ( Healer's ),  the Bands of Protection,  The Kawak ( Seer's ) and the Ayni Karpays ( 7 Archetypes  ). You will learn how to start a mesa, a shamanic altar, and work with these energies.

     Energy Mesa West focuses on a connection to the Jaguar Medicine.  You will be clearing ancestral lines,  honoring ancestral gifts,  clearing past lives,  and facing fears and shadow work. We work with the process of experiencing your light body above the physical body.   In this direction you learn a process of extraction of dense energies.   There are 2 types of extractions. Extractions of energies that are stationary, and extraction of energies that move.  You receive one initiation called the Pampamesayok Karpay,  Caretaker of the Earth.  This connects you to the Pachamama Energies, and the feminine.

     Energy Mesa North focuses on more of the mystery teachings.  This includes a theme of invisibility,  mastery of time, and your connection to Source.  You explore the process of Soul Retrieval.  You receive one initiation called the Altomesayok Karpay.    This connects you to your Mountain Apus, and the masculine energy.

     Energy Mesa East focuses on facing your own death transition and how to assist a loved one in their transition.  You participate in a process called recapitulation.  You release old imprints you might have forgotten about.  You forgive those who may have hurt you.  You explore ways to work with the energy body to assist someone who is getting ready to transition.  In this training you receive one initiation called the Kurak Akullek Karpay.   You also learn to explore the energies of huacas or vortexes.

Next Scheduled Trainings:

Webinar Trainings:  These include recordings of each session.

Webinar South 7 Sessions with Practices between sessions. Cost $400

Webinar West 7 Sessions with Practices between sessions.  Cost $400

Webinar North 7 Sessions with Practices between sessions.  Cost $400

Webinar East  7 Sessions with Practices between sessions.  Cost  $400

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