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Our Favorite Guides:

David  -  David is a guide that we can depend on, and enjoy his interesting stories.  He has been helping our journeys many years, and adds his enthusiasm to our adventures.  He has a special connection to the condors.

Alberto -  Beto is one of our guides that assist us when we tour in Ollantaytambo and in Cusco.  Beto has also guided for many years and adds some surprises.


Jose Quilla -  Jose is one of our guides who helps us in Chinchero.  Currently he is helping us at Lake Piuray which is where he was born near Chinchero.


Santos  -  Santos helps us with our treks to Ausangate and to Q'ollyurritti.  He is a fantastic chef!  He coordinates all the arrangements with the horses and horsemen, the food and cooking, and we can always depend on him.

Henry - Henry is the best assistant with all of our operations.  He also has a specialty with certain herbal preparations.  

Favorite Qero Elders:


Qero Francisco Chura Flores and his wife Juanita help us with our despachos and our initiations.  He has been leading ceremonies for over 25 years.


Qero Sebastian Pauccar also assists us with our despachos and our initiations.  Sebastian has a special connection to the mountain Apus.  We work with a variety of 12 Qero Elders.

Qero Basilio has an incredible sense of humor and creates wonderful despachos and initiations.

Qero Salqa is our youngest and very enthusiastic Qero who loves to join us whenever he can.

Photo above is myself,  Jose Luis, ( head of the horsemen,   The Kelley Family, Qero Francisco,  

2 Horsemen,  and Santos Machacca our outstanding guide and cook in Ausangate.  Santos arranges all details for us.  His meals are delicious.




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