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​Ausungate Peru Mountain Treks 4 N 5 D

Ausungate 1
Challenge yourself with a trek to the high Andes!


Day 1  Monday  We leave early on the bus toward Ocongate and then on to the base of Ausungate, Pachanta Pampa. We put up our tents, and enjoy warm meals with our cooks and begin to explore the area.


Day 2  Tuesday  We pack our gear, and hike up 4 to 5 hours, stopping for a scenic lunch on the way. There are horses to carry our gear, and if someone wants to ride a horse part of the way they are available. We work in ceremony at several lagoons known as the Masculine and Feminine Jaguar or Otorongo Lagoons.


Day 3  Wednesday Some will be hiking up towards the Rainbow Lagoon and others will be hiking close by to work with divination and destiny readings. An elder will be teaching about his way of working with the Chumpi Stones connecting to many of the Andean Elements.  Receive an initiation with the sunset.


Day 4 Thursday  We have an early breakfast and help to lower our tents for the horses and pack our gear. We hike back down towards the Pachanta Pampa and set up camp again. Here we then soak in hot springs and give gratitude for our ability to speak with the Apus and work with our healing practices or develop them. We are in communication about how to develop communities that will be in service with our practices.


Day 5 Friday  We return towards Tinqui, and then pack the bus up to go to Cusco.... rest and relax in Cusco this afternoon.


Cost of Ausungate Trek is $1550 with a minimum of 2 - 4 PAX.  It is $1650 for just 1 PAX. Costs may increase  2022.  This includes transportation to and from Tinqui, horsemen and horses for the mountain to carry our equipment and to assist a hiker if they get too tired.  We offer you the option to learn about shamanic practices. Trek includes breakfasts, lunches and dinners on the mountain portion.  


Non Refundable deposit is due of $750 dollars to reserve your spot. You will want to reserve the tour early because we will surely fill up to our maximum of 12 people. Aim to reserve your plane tickets 2 - 3 months before your arrival.   Fly to Lima and to Cusco at least 3 days before your trek.  ( This will give you the required 3 day minimum for acclimatization. )  Email me at soon so I can get your name on the list.


It is highly highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance for various reasons.  First it assists you if you cancel your trip for an emergency reason.  Secondly it will give you some medical coverage in a foreign country, and medical evacuation.  Look online at various travel insurance carriers such as Travelex and also CSA.  You will want to purchase the travel insurance when you make your registration deposit.  Insurance Travel companies ask that you request it right after your deposit.


After we receive your deposit, then we will email you a Contact Traveler Form, a Release of Risk which must be returned in the first two weeks, and a Packing List of What to Bring.


For international travel, your passport must have more than 6 months left before expiration.  


If you feel the call of the mountain, then email us now to discuss details.  

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4 N 5 D

4 N 5 D

Customized Dates 

for Private Tours of 3 - 12

Water and Rivers


The waters and the rivers are immaculately clean up here.  We travel by bus towards Ocongate and Tinqui.  We  will then travel by smaller combis up to the pampa.  Here we begin our hike, and our horses gather up all the equipment. Jose Luis arranges our horses and horsemen.   We arrive to the first campsite near a few homes and camp near the start of the main trail. Our tents will be quickly put up by our crew and team, and lunch and later dinner is served.  Bring several water bottles this first day for the trip.  



2022 Treks

      2023 Trek


Register with your deposit now!

Tents and Sleeping Bags

We use excellent tents for our treks. However we recommend that you bring a very warm sleeping bag ( -5 degrees or warmer ) for the mountain treks.  It is possible to rent them in Peru, however they are usually not as warm.  We also can rent for you sleeping mats or you can bring your own.

Treks in the Andes

     As we hike in the Andes, we will have the option for several ceremonies with the Qero Elders. and other shamans.  First we begin with a Despacho offering, and offer our gratitude for a safe

journey, and for the opportunity to hike these mountains.  Second, we will receive a karpay or initiation called the Pampamesayok.  This connects you to many others who have hiked these mountains and who walk the path of a Caretaker of the Earth.

     We also have an excellent cook and crew.  Santos is our favorite cook.  Early in the morning, they will offer you coffees and herbal teas.  They prepare for us a delicious breakfast that is often hot and yummy.  On the trail as we continue to hike, bring your favorite protein bars, and mixed nuts and snacks.  The horsemen are arranged by Jose Luis in Pachanta.    Then in the evenings, around 6:30 or 7:00 PM, they prepare dinners with a variety of food options.  Please let us know if you are on a special diet.   

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