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Sacred Valley 2022                          2022 Lake Titicaca                      

Costs for the Valley and Machu Picchu Tour April 16 - 25

Register now:  $3350

Non Refundable Deposit holds your place:  $750

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Initial Deposit of $1000 plus paypal fee

Peru :  Adventure and Beauty
Healing and Shamanic Intensive with Days with Multiple Qero Elders
*** Dates in 2023 =  July  
Peru is experiencing extended civil unrest so all tours are canceled.  We hope the country returns to a stable and peaceful way soon.

This tour in 2023 has a special focus for receiving more initiations,  and we have the Lake Titicaca option right afterwards.  

Day 1 July 8th Saturday  Fly Lima to Cusco around noon ...Travel by bus through villages and arrive in Sacred Valley. Opening Ceremony  


Day 2 July 9th Sunday -  Visit Chinchero and the amazing weavers guilds.  These weavers use both sheep and alpaca for their beautiful textiles.  We will begin a gentle hike in Moray with healing circles in the earth or Pachamama. Ceremony with Qero Elder.  Receive the Pampamesayok Rites. 


Day 3 July 10th Monday  - Pisaq Temples and Vortexes. Work with your ancestor and receive guidance. Visit Temple of the Sun here, and Temple of the Waters. Balance your masculine and feminine within!  Qero Ceremony.  Snacks and visiting a few artists and weavers in the markets.


Day 4 July 11th Tuesday   Continue towards Ollantaytambo and sense the Wiracocha Creator energies. If we are lucky we will journey and vision near the Temple of the Condor! Continue on the train towards Aquas Calientes and Machu Picchu. (*** I MUST HAVE YOUR SCANNED PASSPORT AND DEPOSITS EARLY TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT IN MACHU PICCHU. :)


Day 5 July 12th Wednesday Explore the crystalline energies of this magical place Machu Picchu - Sun Temple, Intihuatana, Main Ceremonial Plaza in ancient times, Temple of the Three Windows, and more. We will meditate with our heart and open ourselves to travel to other possibilities. Return to Ollantay and Cusco.


Day 6 July 13th Thursday   Visit Sacsayhuaman, and wander the city.  Sacsayhuaman is one of the largest stone temples and in the shape of a lightning bolt!  Lunch together in Cusco.  Afternoon tour in Cusco of the main plazas.  

Overnight in Cusco.


Day 7 July 15th Friday Continue to explore Cusco, San Blas.  We will have time after lunch for private healing sessions on this day, and other individual choices.  We will prepare our bags for Lake Journey.  Late afternoon shopping in Cusco – free time! 


Day 8 July 17th Sunday   Option 1:  Extension Tour to Lake Titicaca for 4 N and 5 D.  


Option 2:  Fly back to Lima for your International Flight Connections.

*** Please note in order to reserve your spot, we must have your non-refundable deposit of $1000.00 and a scan or photo of your passport in order to reserve your Machu Picchu best train time, entrance ticket, and bus up and down from Aquas Calientes.  This deposit is best if we receive it by April 1, 2022.    Final payment of balance due by April 20th ahead.

Balance is for the Valley:

$2350 paid by April 20th2023

*** Look at the Lake Titicaca Page for those details.




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Balance of $2350 plus paypal fee.

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